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The Following is a Brief Excerpt From The Doomsday Thriller, End Times Apocalypse


Dr Wainwright was currently employed by the US government in conducting research at a facility located a few miles southwest of Baytown Texas. Over the course of many years and numerous experiments, he has developed an almost insatiable curiosity for the strange and unusual. Over time he began using government resources to secretly dabble into projects of his own. One such project was now well underway in an area of the facility accessible only to himself.
Dr Wainwright had often toyed with the idea of creating exotic new life forms. Through variations of cloning and genetic engineering, the possibilities were limited only by a person’s imagination, something that the good doctor had an abundance of.
His current government-sponsored project involved research to determine the feasibility of genetic alterations to make a human invulnerable to any type of biological pathogen.
There were only four other people assisting him at this facility. He was partial to working with small staffs for a couple of reasons. He felt that it increased efficiency and also gave him more leeway to pursue his own endeavors.
Dr Wainwright’s latest diversion was a real piece of work. It’s taken on the appearance of a hellish foul smelling entity which stood five feet tall with blood red eyes. Looking like something that had just stepped out of a nightmare, its facial characteristics were beast-like with exposed fangs and a pair of horns that extended out on both sides, curling up at the tips. It had a muscular hair-covered body and stood upright, supported by legs that extended forward where the knees would have been, ending with a pair of goat-like hooves. The snake-like tail twitched about as though it had a mind of its own. The creature had an unmistakable air of evil about it.
As he peered into its 20 by 30 foot reinforced cage, Dr Wainwright was not quite sure what to make of his latest DNA concoction. His previous attempts at genetically creating new life forms had been a bit disappointing to say the least. With all of his other experiments, not even one had progressed beyond a few cell divisions. On the other hand, this creature has exhibited phenomenal growth characteristics. It’s taken less than six months for it to reach its present size. It also had a ravenous appetite and would eat any living thing that was unfortunate enough to be within its grasp.
An air of foreboding came over the doctor as he contemplated the end results of his latest genetic tinkering. Every instinct told him that this was an extremely dangerous creature and that it probably should be destroyed immediately. The doctor began to wonder if maybe this time he had gone too far over the line and had opened a Pandora’s box filled with unimaginable horrors.
If word of what he was doing ever got out, the fallout would be enormous. This had to be kept from even his closest confidants. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen if this hideous creature were to ever get loose.
On the other hand, there may be plenty of benefits to be gained from its study. He would like to solve the riddle of its astonishing growth rate, for one.
Then again, perhaps he was just being a little too paranoid in his assessment of the creature’s lethality. In the end, Dr Wainwright decided that the matter did warrant further study and that he would postpone any final decision until a later date. In the mean time, he would try to derive as much knowledge as possible concerning the nature of this strange biological creation.

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